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Donor Motivation Program

Rev. Gene Roe is an ordained United Methodist Clergy who’s appointment through the United Methodist church is at Donor Motivation of Texas. He has over 30 years’ experience working with donors, churches, non-profits, and charitable organizations. He focuses on helping donors answer the call on their financial resources. 

Through The Donor Motivation Program™ and an international network of trained professionals, we have helped North American charities, large and small, “motivate planned giving!” More than 15,000 donors have engaged in our C2 Donor Presentation Experience and rated it either “one of the finest” or “absolutely the best” of its type. Why? Because it “speaks donor!”

The Top Ten Strategic Results for each charity we serve:

  1. Engage Major Donors At Higher Level As Champions
  2. Provide a Simple Method for Champions to Introduce Their “Circle of Influence”
  3. Discover Millionaire Donors Next Door Among Donor Base
  4. Uncover Donors with Existing Legacy Gifts
  5. Re-Energize Disconnected Donors
  6. Establish The Organization As A Donor-Centric Resource
  7. Maintain Consistent Visibility With Your Donors and Community
  8. Communicate Long Term Stability
  9. Increase Legacy Gifts
  10. Become “Charity of Choice” In The Mind of Your Donor